Aadhaar Pay

Aadhaar Pay is the easiest way to receive payments from your customers. To confirm the transaction, you need the Aadhaar number of the customer . To pay, just enter your Aadhaar number, bank name and place your finger on yours to check the quality of your biometric device.You are connected to the system. The application automatically collects bank accounts using the customer's Aadhaar number, deletes the customer's bank account and calculates the balance of the Digital Gramin Seva Wallet

Features of Aadhaar Pay

  • Instant transfer, 24X7 availability
  • Safe And Secure as it is based on biometric authentication.
  • There are no other tools that customers need to make payments, such as cards and smartphones

Benefits to merchants

  • Saves time
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe and secure
  • Seamless fund collection from customers
  • Instant account to account fund transfer

Benefits to customers

  • No need to remember PIN & Passwords
  • No need for a smart phone to make payments
  • Customer ease, easiest way of cashless payment
  • No security issue as payments are done through biometric authentication

Why is becoming a DTH recharge retailer a good idea?

India has a huge recharge market and with the growth of this sector, the DTH recharge business has also become very popular. Retailers can use Payworld's online DTH recharge model to start a DTH recharge business. If you want to join the industry, India's largest PA network Payworld offers retailers the most stable online recharge platform. Payworld offers several service options for those who want to participate as a DTH recharge distributor/retailer, including money transfer services, DTH recharge, utility bill payment, gas payment, data card recharge, bus and flight booking. Payworld also offers great discounts, a variety of special cashback offers and opportunities for retailers to earn huge commissions. Payworld gives DTH recharge retailers complete freedom and choice to do all their recharges when it suits them. D2H retailers can earn huge commissions with every recharge. To become a Recharge Retailer on Payworld, you need to complete a simple D2H Agent Registration on the Payworld Portal. After successful registration of D2H seller, retailers are allowed to do recharge and can start DTH recharge business. DTH retailers can easily process online DTH recharges on DTH recharge agent portal by following these 3 simple steps:- 1) First you need to select a recharge company as your service provider. 2) Choose a specific recharge plan based on your needs. 3) Finally, enter the amount and press the recharge button.

What are the benefits of becoming a D2H recharge retailer?

DTH recharge plan facilities are not limited to branded stores or operators. Payworld D2H retailers can recharge all major DTH operators for their customers. Payworld's connectivity with all major operators and service providers enables retailers to offer real-time, fast and seamless top-up services. Customers can go to the nearest Payworld retail contact point and provide the required details (such as DTH number) to the retailer for the recharge. Recharges are credited instantly without any hassle. DTH recharge agency helps customers to choose the right DTH recharge plan or subscription according to their needs. Your DTH recharge process has never been easier. Retailers can easily recharge DTH for customers of all operators through the Payworld platform. This is also an advantage for customers, because they do not have to search for the storefront of a particular service provider. You can visit a nearby Beffy retail store to recharge your DTH. With Beffy you can start your own DTH recharge business and earn huge commissions on every recharge. Our process is specially designed to help distributors/retailers to start their business in DTH recharge and other services with minimum investment and high margin costs, cash is provided for all services. Here are some reasons why you should choose Beffy as your DTH recharge agent.

  • Get huge commissions for every DTH recharge.
  • Turn your store into a one-stop solution for all types of charging.
  • No manpower required to start DTH recharge business.
  • Beffy provides fast and efficient customer support in your preferred language.
  • Beffy has best-in-class software and is available in multiple languages.
  • Beffy has the ability to process instant recharge services.
  • Beffy provides safe and secure payment services
  • DTH retailers also enjoy high Beffy commissions.
  • Advertising activities to increase awareness and increase sales.
  • Advertising activities to increase awareness and increase sales.
  • Unique transaction ID makes it easy to track transaction status.