Bharat Payment System (BBPS)

Bharat Payment System (BBPS) simplifies the bill payment process and improves payment security and speed. This service is available in various payment modes, online and through a network of agents. Instant approval is generated for bill payments. BBPS will convert society from cash to electronic payment system and become cashless. Now you can pay Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water, DTH) and Telecom Bills.

Cash Withdrawal

We provide Aadhaar Compatible Payment Services (AEPS). Now you can easily withdraw cash from your bank account without going to the bank. Simply go to any aeps merchant (registered with aepsindia) and provide your Aadhaar number, bank name and thumb/fingerprint to withdraw the required amount of cash.

Aeps allows bank users to conduct financial transactions without a debit/credit card or checkbook. You can use aadhaar card and biometric registered in your bank account to complete the transaction.

Cash Deposit

Now you can deposit cash using our service. All you have to do is provide your Aadhaar number, bank name and thumb/fingerprint. This feature is available outside bank working hours. So you can easily access it anytime.

Balance Enquiry

It also helps to check your bank account balance. Just enter your Aadhaar details, bank name and fingerprint and your page will show your bank balance details.

AEPS software integration services and APIs enable business owners to provide Aadhaar enabled payment system services through web application portals or mobile applications.

AEPS software integration services and APIs enable merchants to provide Aadhaar payment system services through web application portals or mobile applications.


  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Aadhar Pay
  • Mini Statement
  • Micro ATM
  • Instant Service Activation
  • Opportunity to earn upto 10000 pr Month
  • Payout Facility on Bank Holidays
  • Choose from Variety of Bio-Metric Devices
  • Withdrawal Limit between 100 - 10000

What is the scope of Aadhar Enabled Payment System?

Objective: - To serve the vulnerable. Expanding the State's Banking Services Infrastructure What is AEPS? biometric customer fingerprint authentication How does it work? Agents / Retailers use Payworld AEPS APP / PW after proper authorization. Withdrawal limit: - Rs - 10,000 for daily unlimited transactions * Mapped bank number for the scheme: - No service. 118 banks. (99% Bank Account Closed) Transaction Price:-

  • Nill to customer
  • Merchant or BC get Commission from Bank as per mutual Agreement

Why AEPS a Business Opportunity?

AEPS stands for Aadhar Enabled Payment Systems and AEPS service providers specifically enable their customers to make payments using Aadhaar cards more securely and conveniently, why AEPS - A Great Business Opportunity?

India, South Africa, China, etc. 2 Crore + Micro-ATM will be required to access such ATMs

Half of the 2.38 million ATM machines are not enough to cater to our population Pan India.

Government, Minraga salary, gas subsidy etc. directly claim civil benefits in civil bank accounts such as

In the latest budget, the government proposes to give 6000/- to 14 Korean frames. The first installment of 2000 will be released in March.

In the latest budget, the government proposes to give 6000/- to 14 Korean frames. The first installment of 2000 will be released in March.

AEPS stands for Empowering Millions of Common Users and Entrepreneurs. Social security pension, NREGA Old Age pension etc. Most of the government schemes like

How can one get started with utilizing AEPS services with Beffy India?

Beffy is the best AEPS portal and below are the steps to start your AEPS service: 1) Purchase AEPS service: First, you need to visit the nearest Beffy Retail outlet and purchase AEPS service. 2) Upload Required Documents: Individuals must provide their Aadhaar number which must be linked with the bank account of the AEPS service provider. Along with your Aadhaar number, you need to provide the name of the bank with which the Aadhaar is linked. 3) Card device in service activation: After uploading all required documents, your fingerprint is taken by biometric device. The details are then sent to NPCI for verification. 4) Start Earning and Practice: Once your AEPS agent registration is approved by NPCI, you can start business and earn high business with AEPS Digital India Fee Limited.

What is AEPS?

AEPS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, a new payment service offered by the National Payments Corporation of India to banks and financial institutions using Aadhaar. Aadhaar is a unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). In AEPS banking, it means authorization to enable provider bank customers to use Aadhaar as their identity to access Aadhaar-linked bank accounts (AEPS service provider banks) and perform basic bank or bank transactions - Balance Checkout, Cash Deposits, Cash and Money Transfers all transactions, the merchant asks the customer for their Aadhaar number and scans the customer's fingerprint through a biometric scanner connected to the Payworld AEPS software. Transaction will be successful only when Aadhaar verification is successful. The AEPS service provider in the banking system allows you to make payment transactions without any hassle, but to do this you need to register with AEPS. Do you get questions if AEPS agent registration is free? Read below for more details.

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What are the requirements needed to use AEPS transactions?

AEPS, also called Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, is an AEPS payment system where merchants link their Aadhaar card with their bank accounts to avail various AEPS benefits and services. The AEPS service provider company outlines the many benefits and requirements of agent registration. No paper or card is required when doing AEPS transactions. However, if a person fails to link their details with their bank account, the AEPS service provider company indicates that they are not entitled to avail AEPS facilities such as AEPS cash withdrawal, money transfer, etc. Some of the basic requirements are: 1) Your Aadhaar Number 2) Your Fingerprint 3) Your Name or Bank IIN (Issuer Identification Number) Next, what you need to remember is your Aadhaar number for free AEPS agent registration and easy money transactions. . You will also be surprised to learn how easy the AEPS software is to use.