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Beffy is leading service provider of aeps and micro atm services and solution. Beffy offer micro atm service with software and mobile application.

Beffy offers the best micro ATM services with software, mobile apps and micro ATMs. The best parts of micro ATMs are the highest cost for cash withdrawals, portable devices and ease of use. Micro ATM machines accept all bank cards and use biometrics for secure cash withdrawal transactions. Micro ATM, which is also called mini ATM. Unlike POS devices. The Micro-ATM solution enables bank correspondents (BCs) to perform basic banking services and financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, payments (transfer of funds), balance inquiries and small statements using biometric devices. Provide to customers. The platform allows business correspondents (who may own local Kirana stores) to make instant transactions.

Micro ATM platforms allow people to deposit or withdraw funds instantly. This device is based on a cellular connection and is available at all stores or Business Correspondent (BC) stores. Customers simply authenticate themselves to withdraw or deposit money from their bank accounts. This money is managed from the Business Correspondent (BC) cash drawer. Basically, the basic transaction types supported by micro ATMs are deposits, withdrawals, payments, fund transfers, balance inquiries and small bills.

Beffy is providing best Micro-ATM Solution which is fast, secure and easy to use.

How to work with Micro ATM

Banks assign correspondents to register remote customers after verifying their identity with fingerprint or Aadhar no (fingerprint can be used as a means of authentication for local people). Fingerprints and personal information may also be linked to the Aadhaar card, which serves as proof of identity required for withdrawals.

To launch this portal, you need to complete the verification process like fingerprint scan or Aadhaar card with card swipe option. Once your identity is verified, you can choose from various transaction options such as cash deposits, direct debits, eKYC-based savings accounts, Aadhaar seeds, cash withdrawals, balance enquiries, and accepting service requests. To complete the transaction, just select the desired option, a message will appear on the screen and the receipt will be printed. After completing the transaction, as usual, you will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS from your bank.

  • Verification process - For the Verification process, Aadhaar card with fingerprint scanning or card swipe option is provided.
  • Once verification is completed Micro ATM will display various transaction options.
  • Select transaction type and device will process the transaction.
  • On successful transaction, a message will be displayed on the screen and print receipt is generated.
  • You will also get SMS alert from your bank about the transaction.

Micro ATM solution

Beffy is best micro atm solution provider company in india. We are populor and well known name in aeps and micro atm service provider.

  • Mini statement
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Easy to Use
  • Notifications and Reports
  • Fast and secuse
  • Accept all cards, UPI
  • Micro ATM Service with all available features.
  • Featured software and mobile app
  • Attractive commission margin each transaction
  • Portable, compact, wireless terminals machine

How to get started with your mATM Service

  • Select mATM service
  • Select mATM service
  • Select mATM service
  • Select mATM service

FAQ Section

What is an mPOS Machine, and how does it work?

MPOS (full featured - mobile point of sale) machines are portable devices similar to traditional POS machines with the added benefit of being able to make and accept card payments anytime, anywhere. An MPOS tool will be useful for all merchants looking to expand their business and give their business a digital edge. MPOS swipe devices allow merchants to perform cash register or electronic point of sale (POS terminal) functions wirelessly. To apply MPOS, merchants need an effective internet connection, a software or application downloaded on a device (smartphone or tablet), and a credit or debit card. This is the only requirement to set up the mPOS device to be profitable.

What are the benefits of mPOS?

The MPOS tool will offer you several advantages that will not only make payments easier and faster, but will also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Some of these advantages are mentioned below. One of the key benefits that mPOS microbanking offers is that it allows mPOS merchants to explore and drive sales in multiple environments. Merchants who often sell their products outside their stores can use mPOS or mATM devices to make easy, fast, secure and hassle-free payments for all kinds of card payments. One of the key benefits of mPOS swipe machines is limiting the mPOS device's liability because all mPOS device operations are encrypted. All credit card and debit card information is never stored on the mPOS device. This benefits the company as it can minimize the maximum risk associated with safety regulations. This data storage method also facilitates compliance with privacy and security regulations such as PCI DSS. This technology also benefits small businesses because it allows them to take advantage of security technologies and controls that were previously only available to large companies through software vendors.